Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The SE/BM 29'er lives!!!

When I came back with an empty bike box from the Trans Germany where I finally destroyed the Spicer, Smoke at the Ultimate side of did the most amazing thing ever. I never expressed a concern for need but he took charge and gave me the SE/BM Fabrications SS rigid 29'er fully built. The day he called me to set me up I was not really thinking like okay, an entire bike may be coming my way, what for? At any rate he did it, he presented me the bike without exchange of in God we trust units and I was proud to have it, ride it, change it a little and ride it some more. Thanks Smoke!
When gave me the Mt Zion one of the dilemas was what to do with the SE/BM. My Friend Shannon of Rochester who I had been riding with a few times during the last 2 years has been on a clunky, old, dirty, heavy, sloppy and squishy 26 inch Fischer Sugar POS with all the crappy occasionally working gears that sounded like a Vegas slot room gone bad in the woods. The last time I was at Uwharrie she rode the SE for a bit and felt the difference which was apparent by a grin ear to ear. She was the perfect candidate for the passing of the SS 29'er torch so last night we built it up and it is hers to love.
The build took a little longer than I planned and for some reason I was having trouble concentrating on the beer she brought because of a few small PIA(I don't mean Pakistani International Airlines) problems. The first problem was I had to space out her drive side bottom bracket cup because I did not realize that there was a difference between the Sugar and the SE, just wasn't thinking. Those spacers were finally found in the pile on my work bench in the barn. The next problem was that I put the chain ring and bash guard flush together without spacing then mounted the cranks until I figured out my lack of beer induced mistake. Okay all that straightened out the rest went smooth, tires mounted, grips installed with glue, brakes adjusted, seat height fixed, and out the barn door she went, a changed rider for ever, for the rest of her days.


sportyshan said...

Thanks again Bill! :)
I am sure the enormity of the gift you have bestowed upon me will be fully realized the more I ride it.
It is sweet lookin, and can't wait to get it dirty. Just kidding I will try and keep it clean as much as I can between rides. I promise to take better care of it then the GFS4 POS.

Try to have a good turkey day, call me tomorrow after your ride.

Billy said...

Don't mention it~
That gift was bestowed to me and needs to be in the hands of someone who needs it and you were there for it...Good things are tied in to people that are paying attention~