Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More Catawba images(click to make big)

An empty faux river

I'm not sure but it looks euro

Jordy's sweet ghetto transfer on his brain housing group

Hwy 74

Technical pipe crossing that gave me the shakes until I put my bike in front of me

Exploring new trails on the west side of the river
Is there a train coming?


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Found this blog thru Bad Idea Racing's blog. Great pics and write-up. Thanks for the read. Definitely need to bookmark dis one.. I think I rode a little bit with your Trans Germany pard'ner at the ORAMM this year. Does she ride a Dean with pink wheels? Cheers

Billy said...

I did not know Jerry Reed was dead, huh, bummer. Thanks for the kind words and yes my partnen and former ex-wife was on ORAMM riding a Dean Col with pink wheels and a way cool viking drinking beer sticker....