Thursday, November 29, 2007


Yesterday afternoon I rolled up from behind a big oak tree on this falcon standing on top of whatever grey red fleshy thing it had just killed on the ground in the 10th street cemetery. It looked up at me from less than five feet away, stood straight up off the ground without letting go of it's bloody bounty and then flew silently climbing up to the limb you see it perched on above. Look closely with a zoom and you can see blood on it's beak and it's talons digging into it's meal. I find birds of prey very unique creatures in an urban environment for they must kill daily to survive. This bird I had seen before but it had always been without camera. I watched him on this limb for a few minutes then he swooped down, hid his prey in the brush, then took up again above it to a taller tree. I will share more of the images in the future.

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