Thursday, February 18, 2010

Airborne: Up, Up and Away

Yesterday afternoon I was riding around near the big buildings when I looked up and saw this little bird flying circles in the clear blue sky just above my head. The bird was beautiful unlike anything I had ever seen. Her feathers were silver like some sort of polished metal and her wings were accented in a soft white. I noticed that her beak looked like it had been dipped in chrome as she turned, broke out of the circle in a downward dive and perched up face front right on my forward moving handle bars. This little silver bird and I were weaving through traffic when she looked at me over her left wing and said with a soft Pittsburgh accent, " Would you please pass the word to your blog viewers about the Airborne Contest Give Away?" I respond over the wind, "Of course, what are the details?" Just then she let go of her grip on my bike, flew a few feet out in front of me and shouted as she climbed up and away into the blue sky, "I will send you an email when I get to my nest!"

When I got home the details were in my 'in' box:


We’re on the prowl for 10 passionate riders who want to shred their favorite trails on our new bikes and we’d be stoked if you’d share the info with your readers!

All riders have to do to enter is visit Airborne Bicycles, fill out an entry form and upload an essay and a photo or video stating why they should be chosen to be a part of The Airborne Flight Crew.

The winners will receive:

A brand spanking new Airborne bike·
Helmet cam·
Some slick Airborne gear·
A trip to the Sea Otter Classic in April.

The lucky riders selected will become official members of The Airborne Flight Crew and will be asked to test out new gear and report back on how it feels, how it rides and what it can handle by posting videos and reports on social media forums and blogs. Pretty sweet, huh?!

Yes little Bird, that is a pretty sweet contest Idea~

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