Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photo Logic

The cover of the latest issue of Dirt Rag, the Mountain Bike Magazine for the International Mountain Bike Community. Although colorful it is not the juicy part, just an orientating point. Now to the quanta of this post. Rich started writing for Dirt Rag recently and because of that I had a chance to contribute with a picture. I made his portrait below back in the fall as a test for the brand new 35mm DSLR that I had just purchased. When I made the image I had no idea that a few months later it would be used to introduce one of his articles. It is always an interesting feeling to see a picture of mine with credit in print because I realize that a bunch of people will look right over it but at the same time the image will be received on some level by the majority readers. I appreciate the folks at Dirt Rag for taking the time to set my picture of Rich into the article/page(it fits and is aesthetically pleasing) and of course it would not be there if it weren't for my little buddy looking out for me and writing about what he does on bikes. Click the article to make it large enough to read...

Additional Big Thanks go to Tim at the Nova PDC for helping me scan the above visuals into Tiffs and an even bigger thanks to King Jimmy for converting the Tiffs to JPegs for me.

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Nice job accessing the Rag article.