Monday, February 8, 2010

Mawson's Will/Late Edit

Note from the Editor:

Well, I just read my blog post for the first time today and noticed a major error. With a foggy head this morning I wrote that Mawson's Will by Lennard Bickel is the biography of the Renaissance Antarctic Explorer Sir Douglas Mawson. A few years ago I read the amazing account of his survival after all that went wrong during his 1911 Antarctic expedition. I know that this unforgettable dramatic story is not a biography rather it is a Nonfiction narrative of one of the most incredible human survival stories ever put to print. Stupidity makes me feel sick to my stomach and somewhat dizzy with a little sweat building on my brow. I apologize for the potentially misleading label that I put on Mawson's Will, it was an oversight that should not have happened considering I know the definition of biography and to top it off I read the book that I was talking about.


Billy Fehr said...

Didn't we have a talk about being sure to read your post in a preview every time before you post it just two weeks ago?

Billy Fehr said...

We did and I was obviously 11 or so hours late on that today. I can be such a dunce.

Jordy said...

mawsons will is by far the best read you've suggested in our long-short career of book-clubbing. superlatives out of the way now, thanks for fixing that, it was bothering me all day yesterday.

Billy Fehr said...

If you are reading my shit before I am feel free to give me a heads up...

Billy Fehr said...
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