Friday, February 26, 2010

Like A Car Crash

Your wheels are spinning but they are upside down. You say when he hits you, you don't mind because when he hits you,you feel alive...

In the last week I have rolled upon the immediate aftermath of two different car crashes. I was riding in Monday morning when I spotted this auto carnage at Central and Reddman.
Notice that the Professional Charlotte Fire Fighter in Blue Pants, Sweatshirt and Yellow Nathan's Vest keeps his hands in his pockets for the entire shoot.
Here you can see the second car involved. One of them had a red light.
I asked if those involved lived and one of the Firefighters who did not have his hands in his pockets gave me the Holt approved thumbs up minus the verbal, "Rock on!"
Car drivers, please be careful out there. The streets are mad.
I cleaned up the side of my blog a bit and wanted to point a few things out. First, if you live in Charlotte you should start checking in daily with Cedar Posts and Barbwire Fences. I recently discovered this blog and am very impressed with its content, opinion and thought process.
Some of you who had been listed as one of My Little Friends and other Strong humans have been dropped like a hot potato for not updating since the Bush Administration. I just felt like you were cluttering up active space with your lack of activity. Do not be offended for I still consider you a friend/other strong human and if you ever get your act back together and start updating again feel free to contact me and in the words of Sara Palin your next President, "I will putcha right back up there." Get to work lackeys, find some direction with your bloggorial efforts! Once I see a productive pattern I will hook you up.


daveridesbikes said...

i just found your blog through ultimate cycles website, i like it allot. i just moved from nyc, 10 veteran courier, do you work for a company or are you independent? i hope this isnt to intrusive i was just wondering.

daniel john said...

Awesome. It is amazing how some people come up with cool blogs. it's great to see fresh, creative ideas that have never been done before.

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