Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anatomy of a Dream Nightmare that went Real

I dedicate this post to a dear friend down on Red Clay Hill who reminded me yesterday that all of this is really happening around us as we spin on an orbiting rock in an ever expanding cosmos three planets from the sun. Everything is real and all of it is worth paying attention to.

Self Portrait two weeks ago over the kitchen sink. Random synchro or fixed point? Take the time to read the following nonfiction account to decide.
True Story:

I cannot remember where it was but I read recently that those who write should be careful about trying to account for a dream with their words. Immediately I could understand the implications however at the same time I realized I may be able to go there with some shred of true emotional and physical transfer. Before I dive into this factual account of a dream that I had recently I would like to preface this story with a few important facts. First, twelve years ago I underwent a full four season year of energy healing from an honest educator. During those twelve months I learned the importance of the incredibly vivid dreams and control over them that I had been experiencing basically my entire life. She taught me a life time of technique that I use often as habit these days to help me remember what I was dreaming about when I pull or sometimes tear myself out of the dream to awake consciousness due to something negative about to happen or my own intuition telling me that it is time to leave the dream at that specific point. When I am in most of my dream states I am fully aware that as real as the dream seems to me I am ultimately safely asleep under the roof with the towering limbs of the shag bark maple reaching high up into the night sky above me. I will stop there because I realize that I am starting to give you too much information in the wrong direction. Dreams 101 may continue in a future post.

Another and final point prior to me giving you the dream is that for the past 76hours or so I have been experiencing a strange diagonal conical vibration within my physical body. A few years back I remember talking to a few people close to me that I trust about a pocket or cigarette pack sized vibration that was flaring up inside of me leading up to Becky and I riding in the Trans Germany. That strange high frequency orthopedic vibration still happens from time to time to keep me on my toes but this latest feeling is different. This new inner body identification is elongated and not attached to random places on my skeleton like the higher pitched vibe that I discovered in 2007. This almost electro-magnetic width of current and energy flow is about 12-14 inches long and has been running diagonal through my torso and across my stomach internally. It happened yesterday morning for the third time in as many days while I stood over the kitchen sink about to leave for my morning inbound bicycle commute. Just as it came on I braced or better yet grounded myself by holding onto the sides of the steel sink and I stared out the window at a rising sun that appeared to be in the southern sky. I wondered to myself if the earth was completely off of its normal predictable axis and wobbling for the umpteenth time since last summer.

Now to the dream sequence that started with a clear film image in my sleeping mind's eye of looking out the window from where I was to a never ending sea of toon home roofs undulating under an azure full sun cloudless sky miles to the horizon. There were thousands of the same roof duplicated in all directions. Normally when I look out the window here at the estate I only see trees of hardwood and evergreen varieties as well as the barn roof, the only structure in view out of the window. But in this dream I was on the second floor of an unfamiliar toon mansion shire somewhere real tooney, almost not real but very real and prevalent in the right part of town across this fine toon nation in which we dwell. So as I looked out this window all of a sudden far away in the sky at about 11 o'clock a translucent triangle appeared dime sized against the saturated thin blue backdrop of the upper atmosphere. Get this, at the top of the triangle there seemed to be an oval solid white disc that was reflective and out of its left and right dropped down at an even angle two equal length legs that connected to the third and horizontal leg of the frame of the triangle. The center of the image was sheer white, I could make out a toned down version of the sky by looking through it. Solid frame,see through middle...

This image danced in the sky before me as I went about my life on the second floor of a McMansion that I did not belong in. I may have even organized some sort of daily routine into the dusting of a wall or a task nearly as mundane. As time went by I stood up and looked out the window again. This time what I saw frightened me to my spine, the fear entrenched itself in my heart as I watched this now obviously ominous see through triangle get bigger and approach faster than I could understand was physically possible. All of a sudden St. Lissa came into view with wide blue eyes the color of the slide film sky feeling what I was seeing and listening to my guttural scream cry, "Get you and Ms. Arcen to the shelter in the Garage, NOW!" She ran behind me and grabbed my daughter by the arm, turned and then they both ran with speed towards some sort of bunker under the attached garage just a door opening away. The white triangle was bearing down on the house as I watched them dash through the doorway to safety.

My instinct had me go the other direction for a half of a room away was the shotgun on the wall. I reached for it and cocked it in the same motion and then turned with intent towards the door that led to my shelter and safety. At that second the now adult male sized triangle came through the wall and blocked me from the interior door that I had to get through if I were going to survive. I could see through its sheer center to the wall in the middle but the football sized disc and the frame were solid. In a split second I knew that I had to kill it before it killed me. Its power felt as toxic as some sort of nuclear weapon. The shot gun felt heavier than it should have as I started to raise it to my hip. Before I could level the big bore gun and destroy my own death I looked down over the top of the barrel and instantly the triangle came out of the shitty carpeted floor that I don't have. With fast frame speed it wrapped itself around my ankles and wove its way upward around my legs and started pulling me down hard into the floor. By the time it got to my waist its grip on me tightened and then with the collapsing pressure I felt both of my legs break and blow apart at the knees. I could not get the shot gun raised, the entity of my own reality enveloped my entire being and then my face was even with the beige carpet. My bones were broken and I felt the grip of the demon close in around my throat and it started to choke the air out of me. It was over, I was about to die of strangulation unless I got out of this dream and now.

What happens next is the most bizarre but I assure you honest thing that has ever happened to me in and out of a dream. I felt the hands or cord crushing my wind pipe and at that point I ripped myself out of the nightmare into my shadowy bedroom. As soon as I opened my eyes and identified the sanctuary of my placement in my own bed the translucent triangle appeared between me and the wall. I may have screamed at that second a loud but masculine scream that woke the entire house. It was there even when my cry ended for about another 10 seconds. I could see my window and the wall through it just as it appeared towards the end of the dream. Then as quickly as it appeared it evaporated into the night air and out of the big window across from my feet. I was sitting up at this point and perfectly calm trying to understand my own place in this space and time.

The fear dissipated and was replaced by calm and understanding that I am in control of none of it. It is not mine and it is way more powerful than I will ever be able to understand. I used to think that it would come from something we as humans had created here on earth like the annihilation of over 100 million people in the 20th century, war, autos, greed, ego, pride, religion, guns or the like, something that we had created. The 'reality' that this dream transferred to me was that it will more likely come from far way in the shape of something bigger than we can create, control, guide, manipulate or lie to. I feel a bit more authentic by having had the chance to share this account of a real dream that I had with you my infinitely beautiful and lovely audience.

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Justin said...

You should try and draw this "entity" and upload it to the bloggy. I'm interested to see if I have the same image in my head that you saw.