Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exclusive Images from Inside Starbucks

This is going to be a tough week to get through here at Rock and Roll Stop the Traffic. You may just see less poorly written tripe and more images to fill the space. It all comes down to my schedule and what I have to do in that time frame in front of the binary cloud machine. I hope to bring you some new and clear pictures from UPTOON of people, trees and some buildings that have been grabbing my attention.

Unidentified woman adds Splenda to her Tazo Black Shaken Iced Tea. No wonder she looks so happy.
VeloCity's CEO, COO, CFO, CLO, CMO, CWO and CCO kicks back with his 18th cup of Pike for the day as he peruses a Manga Anime Magazine that he bought on a recent trip to Tokyo while attending a Global Anime Convention. The helmet protects his brain when he unexpectedly falls out of the chair and onto the hard tile floor. Nothing says safety like a Bern!

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Anonymous said...

met you at common market south end this afternoon (4/6). reminded me to check back on your blog. great work and great photos.