Tuesday, April 20, 2010

George W. Sympathizer Revealed

The haunting memories of my time covering the Tea(bag) Party Rally in Charlotte the other day are still vivid.

When I first looked through the lens and saw this sign I was in total shock. It was preposterous to think that anyone, let alone 'We' could be missing the two term modern President who won his seat by stealing not one but two elections for the people, by the people, completely over the head of the people.
I had to move around to get a better angle on the shot so that I could see the face of this valiant soul carrying such a sentimental sign of longing for the former President that gave him and us and the people of Iraq so much. When I stepped to the left I almost tripped over this lady on the grass taking in her fifth Grit of the rally.
Ah, there you are Mr. Not to be Tread Upon. Take a good look folks that way when you run into this witty fellow you can thank him for his deathless dedication to the truth which has created countless innocents dying in the far away place all in not so fair trade of 2.79$ a gallon here. Under the endless waving Banner of Nationalism to be worn is to be expressed, bought, sold and claimed.


Anonymous said...

it's just plain scary to think he is some poor little kids grandpa....

Billy Fehr said...

Anon...of course.

KingJimmy said...

Geez. I have wondered why this guy misses Bush. I mean really? He's rather unique in his position I think. I personally don't know anybody that misses Bush.
Granted, I don't like Obama very much, and must admit I voted for Bush both times. Looking back, I regret my second Bush vote. I voted "the lesser of two evils" the second time around.

Hopefully, I'll never make that mistake again. But if we could give Bush a third term in place of Obama right now, I would not be in favor of it in the least. And I really don't like Obama... but then again, looking back at our history, I'm not sure which recent president would be somebody that I would stand behind today. They've all been pretty crooked for quite some time, and probably will continue to be such very far into the future.