Friday, April 16, 2010

Charlotte Tea Party Photo Coverage

What a Tooney Day yesterday turned out to be starting with this pop up throw away display on the square. That damn rabbit has been following me since last month. Later in the day I went down to document the Tea Baggers congregating across from the City Government Center on the lawn of the Older than the old Courthouse. All of a sudden I saw this image and took the shot. This happened yesterday, not 60 years ago.
My post today will be photographic. Sure I may introduce a particular image with a smart ass comment or two but I will refrain from writing my thoughts on the seriousness of our now. I ask that you simply look at what was really happening on 4th Street in Charlotte yesterday afternoon. Take the whole image in to the quanta of the energy that brought it in front of me to share with you.
The Tea Party Movement.
Everyone was either carrying some sign or wearing some sort of catchy metaphor or a lot of times they were doing both as if they actually believe in their control over it. I noticed that none of these words seemed to be theirs but they did take ownership of them.

Paul Revere's Great Great Great Great Great Grand cousin three times removed was there.

This kid was making an emergency sign that is already in the trash to counter the rally goer below. As far as I was concerned everyone participating in such toonery was an impostor.
This guy hung his Tea Bag sign over the heads of many.
Check out the T-Shirts.
My question relates to the ownership statement. Is it really truly yours?

Once again division based on the question of what can be owned.

The forever scowl.

I wouldn't think of it.
This kid cannot even believe that his parents brought him here.
The Tea Party supporter below uses the same spelling editor that I do.


Anonymous said...

Great post Bill. We haven't seen any gatherings of this sort in the UP...mostly just rumblings in the comment section of the paper. I think we are geographically isolated, and it is intersting to see a non-syndicated view and description of a Tea Party. The photos are excellent, and do "speak" and "tell".

Hopefully you can get out and ride this weekend.

-Bill (Marquette, MI)

Billy Fehr said...

Thanks Bill-
As a matter of fact I should be on the early train to Pisgah tomorrow...

KingJimmy said...

Interesting to see you managed to cover more of this event than any of the local media. While you were taking photos of this, you know where I saw the news trucks? I saw them filming the new magazine racks they just installed in front of BoA. Thanks for your coverage of this Bill, even if you are a skeptic of it all :-)

A Tea Party member...

Drew said...

tea party gives middle aged, upper middle class white people a chance to feel like they *really* have it bad...
i really like the Hank williams Jr quote on the shirt. how does monday night football theme songer have credibility? and then how does his "religion" feel about being put AFTER freewill, greed and weaponry?

Anonymous said...

I found Bill Clinton's remarks over the weekend especially poignant, Bill. He compared the hateful rhetoric of the Tea Partiers to the militia movement that inspired the Oklahoma City bombing. I agree- what's the difference- it's all hate.

There is nothing wrong with having opinions of all sorts. There is everything wrong with hate of all sorts.

Mike B

Anonymous said...

I don't think I saw one picture that was hateful. Just because you do not agree with the someone or something does not mean you hate it.
There are basic fundamentals that are dividing this country. Who's responsibility is it to provide the services to our citizens? 50% believe it is the National Government's responsibility, who can not keep anything in budget. The other 50% believe it is the State's or Individual's.
Why not make it the State's responsibility and let people vote with their feet. If the State goes bankrupt then you know that system does not work. Why ruin the whole country with an out of control government, Republican or Democrat?

Anonymous said...

Love the guy mocking the teabaggers with his scrotum on a stick. That is AWSOME!!!

Stan Cranfort

Sheila B said...

Hello Bill! Just checking in on ya. Please change the leg picture, it grosses me out! lol Again, love your writing but this time I apparently don't agree with your idea of what the tea party is all about. At least people still remember how to stand up for what they believe, and I think there is something to say about that. Thank God people are getting off their asses and doing 'something' instead of sitting there thinking their vote counts. And yes, I have been to several tea party rallies. Keep up the good work, but remember the media can make anything look bad