Friday, April 9, 2010

Barely Alive After 5-Photo Report

For those of you unfamiliar with the Charlotte Seen, Alive After 5 is a Thursday night spring/summer party event where successful professionals come to unwind with watered down distilled schwag beverages, binary coded music that you've heard a million times before, 300 dollar jeans, perfect white smiles against perfect white skin and the constantly present perpetual over flowing blue barrels of throw away everything from cups and plates to food and flowers. When the joy ends for the evening all you have to do is jump in your car which is your life then make the drive as coherently as possible home hopefully without running over anyone or anything. I had heard on NPR early yesterday that last night was going to be Twenty When's(2010's) first Alive After 5 on the Wacky Fargo End of town. Without invitation The CMA decided to get down there to document the modern day cultural festival.

Jordy and I rolled up an hour after 5 shortly after I told him that someone familiar was going to jump out at us. Within five awkward minutes of not knowing if we had made the right choice one of Jordy's old high school friends yelled out his name and then the cosmic wave crashed us up on to the shores of the VIP Tower. From above we could see everything which was really nothing because the line of atmospheric warning was on the way and about to dampen the entire party. I went to work with the camera and with the following document present to you: Here is a view of the elevated VIP Tower overlooking the raging party below.
Upon closer inspection we realized that this is where we wanted to be.
As soon as I made this image I heard Jordy's name yelled out.
When I turned I saw this emotional transfer that took us to the Tower. I am telling you it was savage timing and we both appreciated the physical body synchro!
Up the stairs and to the left...
Food Items.
The workers down below moved the rags and towels that would be needed to support the festival.
The wind started to pick up.
While the chatter in the background continued.
Darkness soon enveloped the party while a line of cold front storms raced over us.
Jordy pulled this soft colorful bouquet from the food and plastic over lowing trash barrel.
When I first saw him working out of the can I thought he was pulling us out a breaded snack. As bad ass as that would have been to have dined on some one's throw away he instead came out with a gift for his lovely friend girl waiting on his return from our Uptoon Expedition.
Quietly communicating.
The writing was in the sky and it read: Wind and Pouring rain is about to wash this all away.
So it was soon as the rain came out of the sky.
I bagged the camera and took off for my homeward bound Stay Alive in the warm evening rain. As I rode east I felt like I was trying to keep ahead of the line of storm that was already surrounding me. The wet road below me reflected my bike bound spinning image like a movie film across a silver screen.


Laura said...

Thanks for sharing your story and I cracked up when I was "poser" in the one picture in which he was trolling for young talent at the ripe age of 51!

Billy Fehr said...

V-You are welcome and I am glad you did!