Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Time for a B-Log Change

I have been thinking about doing this for a long time and realized my now is today. The catalyst for this about to be B-Log transfer came the other day when someone stronger than me looked into my eyes and asked what I perceived to be the open ended question, "So, you go political on your blog?" In an effort to convey the truth as I have learned it to be, I will attempt to accurately give to you what I see as our present global situation over the next days and perhaps weeks.

My observations are collectively based on but not limited to my experiences in the military(1987-1991), the time that I have spent abroad immersed in foreign cultures, watching this fine nation's progress with open eyes and reading the work of authors like Stan Goff, Thomas F. Ricks, Steve Coll, Lawrence Wright, Ward Churchill, Steve Fainaru, Chalmers Johnson and Jon Krakauer to name several. The honest information that these journalists have put out there for me has formed in my mind a not so simple but very detailed understanding of what we as a collective nation have created as the world leader, the greatest nation on earth.

As well over the years there has been many smart individuals who have influenced my thoughts as a result of very open and sometimes often conversation. Some of my deepest conversation transfers have been with people that I have only spoke to once or twice. However, I do have a small group of intellectual friends who I have known for what seems like a life time and who have always been there to shed light on present events. This corps group keeps me fed with honest observations round the clock just as I do for them. Sometimes I speak with these folks once a day over coffee or in passing, others I may go weeks without hearing from until the timing forces us to learn together. The most important thing that I recognize about this group of friends is that each of us are able to drop attachment barriers and simply listen to the other communicate in honest terms what he or she is seeing happen all around us at this present moment.

As this story unfolds my B-Log will start to look a bit different. In an effort to keep you the reader interested I plan to keep the daily posts rather short but very much packed with honesty and transfer. This true story will not be limited to any number of characters, words, posts, emotions, thoughts, boundaries or the like. It will run consecutively from one day to the next which will hopefully raise your curiosity enough to look forward to reading the next day's entry. I may break in occasionally with a post not in the story line because real life around me will continue and something may need to be shared that is out of context to the series but related on some level. After any interruption or absence of a post I promise to do my best to pick the story line back up and continue the march as long as I feel good about its progress.

In theory Part I starts toonmorrow, I hope to see you there.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Courier overheard a word phrase of the week: God Therapist


Mark said...

What did you do in the service?

I was an MP at AGP, MD from 1990 to 1993. Did the Reserve thing, too.

Billy Fehr said...

Mark...I was an 0331 machine gunner with 2ndBN 4th Marines, "The Magnificent Bastards", Golf Co. Weapons Platoo-I knew it when I was in it. Terry and I could tear a target and have a beer...MAKE SURE YOU READ TOONMORROW'S POST-THERE WILL BE 20 YEAR OLD PHOTOS RECREATED TOONDAY!!!

springer said...

Wow, looking forward to the B-log shift. not that I am unhappy with the past, but looking forward to the future.

Billy Fehr said...