Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Editorial Correction-Code Orange Went Red at 1400hrs Yesterday

If you think my post yesterday cracked you out, check this: I snapped these bizarre Television images last night during the weather segment of a local news program at 1915hrs. As I watched he laid it out. At 1400hrs yesterday the EPA Scale for air quality, the number of particulates against the air, the gauge of how much pollution we are breathing in an attempt to re-oxygenate our blood to keep our brains and systems healthy went to AQI 154, RED. RED is considered unhealthy for everyone to breath not just those with sensitive conditions or breathing problems to begin with. The throat was sore, the head was feeling it, all systems on the evening homeward bound stay alive commute seemed to lament the place in which the vessel that carries my spirit chose to live, regret, is this like suicide or at least being okay with it like a million others in the ville? I know I'm not alone and I know that it does not matter but maybe they do not see it like I do because they are only extended to the toon of box to rolling box to box to rolling box to box air conditioned transfer, with perhaps a box or 2 in between. The 99F degrees at 1645hrs was indeed stagnant, completely set in not allowing any dissipation of the bad molecules as they stack up from out of the backside of the fossil fuel burning economy of this fine powerful nation. Once again it was worse yesterday than it was the day before, we have today to yet look forward to as well as tomorrow, my favorite tomorrow.

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