Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Vacay Day before 4th Grade

First ball, 6pins Tah Dah.......
The photographer asked me to hold the ball high in the back hand swing before dropping to release.... that is a 15lb ball.
yesterday was ms arcen's(soft c) last day of summer for today she starts the 4th grade at a new school. in celebration of that i took the day off and we had planned a mountain transfer day somewhere up on the blue ridge. plans change because the summer of fun caught up to the kid and the night before she was up with huge pain in her left ear which caused an unexpected doc appointment in the middle of transfer day. so, thanks to modern medicine her ear was looked in and a discovery of a small patch of infected skin in her ear canal was identified as swimmers ear. little drops and she will be fine. when we left the doc's office i asked, "okay, what would you like to do to celebrate the rest of the last day of your summer?, anything you want and with in reason i will help pull it off." she looked at me, thought and said, "let's go bowling!" how funny we had only been once before at a nova party when she was 5, fine let's bowl. so we did. we spent almost 3 hours at the alley and for most of that time we had the entire place to ourselves. tons of laughs, gutters and even a kid strike which was actually her second ball so it was a spare. one day off, 4th grade transfer complete....back to the jar today for some work.

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AloneTogether said...

thats really an amazing thing to do for her. she looks really excited to bowl. i wish i could celebrated the end of summer/the begining of 4th grade like that... but i celebrate now.. every day!
way2go. hope yer well.