Sunday, October 12, 2008

Light in Sky

Ms Arcen(soft c)and I shortly after she was Born.

I used to think that it, the it I have referenced in family discussion past would come by an earth bound force created by man and how great we have become in the name of what ever joke this really is that the republican party can put forth as a vice presidential candidate/America, then again it is the republican party-woot-woot, PARTY. You know like high water and lack of it's potable version to hydrate a globe rapidly approaching 7billion on it's way to 18billion 40 years from now but only if you consider the math constant double factor style. Perhaps it would be fire that would bring it, I did meet Ed Viesturs once and he signed my messenger tin with the words, "Drowning in Flames, Burning in Water", I finally got that Ed and thanks for giving me the one signature that night. Maybe it would go down when the market crashes the retirements of this fine nation and all those buckets are finally allowed to stop kidding themselves which will cause the collective shift to step up our conscious level of awareness. When it happens would the Russians be involved with their military and weapons of mass destruction, you know how hungry they can be too, right? Speaking of weapons of mass destruction in defense of a democracy that cannot continue without the great recreation of shopping. How about us, we would be the trigger of the cosmic shift needed to finally bring it on? We have more WMD apparatus' than the rest and our nation has a fraction of the global population. Maybe the cosmic wheel would deliver us the flash of purple light blow coming our way for the actions we have already initiated with such a device killing those hungry in Japan, twice, not that long ago at all. Then the 2.5 million get out of jail free card, chaos style, still hungry and looking for water or plasma TV's, I hear they bring the news home. Just then, that summer the air temp in most of America reaches new highs and with the amount of drill baby, drill baby, Palin you dumb bitch fool-fooling the millions, O3 carbons particulate children can't breathe so the cars can still keep em shopping and working and shopping and working and shopping and working. That's right the glue that has been keeping this shitty sprawly American lazy economy going is falling faster than the bucket can count his losses, maybe there will be no shopping or working. The bright future cometh, a new level of understanding and what really matters.


This Week I ran into a familiar face I had not seen in awhile who is conscience of the necessary awareness insight enough to have a functioning intuition. At first the standard chit chat we were both desperately trying to muddle through to get to the core of what is really going on around us. The conversation quickly became deep and real. After I rode away thoughts and then synchronicity of information came to my head through my eyes to see and imagine. Maybe it won't be earth bound at all whence it arrives. Maybe it will be coming as a flash of light from across the cosmos, an asteroid that weighs billions of thousands of tons has been traveling for millions of years from far deep in the galaxy. It will break through over North America or anywhere in the world appearing like dripping liquid light in the day or night sky, it's friction induced brightness over powering the sun and crater riddled moon. Next, in minutes impact with the earth, an explosion fire ball that is measured in Kilotons will obliterate the landscape with an extraordinary burst of light and towering debris will block out the sun for perhaps decades under the right circumstance. Of course, I thought to myself on the traverse of the urban asphalt nation that has become what we are dealing with. It all has always meant nothing from the minute it was created by man who brought all the answers but never gave thought to the consequences of an expanding Cosmos, millions of galaxies in an outward moving universe infinite in all directions.

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