Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Transfer in The Jar

Early Saturday morning the kid on the back of Brandi, a little trot and barrel navigation. Led into the depths by the one who can see for herself with her earth colored eyes.
Early this morning we found ourselves at Frank Hodge's farm, a place we have been spending time at for a few months now. There was plenty of color, life and sky out there to take in.

Ms Arcen spotted this guy or more likely gal while we were riding our bicycles this afternoon at McAlpine Creek Greenway . He flew across the path 10 meters in front of us at about slightly higher than head height and then perched up for me to take her portrait. Owls as well as all birds of prey amaze me for they must kill to survive, their intelligence, stealthy flying skills and innate survival instincts are very impressive to see in an Urban environment like The Jar.

His markings are so bad ass they appear to be moving, all part of his apparent camouflage.

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Tanya Sloan Storm said...

I LOVE the owl pics! They have always been my 'spirit animal'. I was obsessed with drawing them when I was a kid. A group of owls went crazy hooting the night I met my huband (really, it was so weird.) And now I see one just about every week here in lovely Bellingham! :-)