Sunday, April 6, 2008


From left to right the second annual 2008 Double Down(Dude, Matt, Paul, Riley, Ilan, Duncan, Lat, Corey, Chris, Me, Dave, Jordy)The day after the day after the 220 mile Double Down which happens to be the day after the 3 person attempt to will the return in to the Jar or as Jordy more simply and accurately calls the ride, "The Toon to Toon to Toon Transfer" calls for a Sunday edition post. First off we are all alive and well considering the circumstance that each of us had experienced with our own selves between Thursday morning and waking up an hour ago in the now. There are tons of details as you can imagine that will come out in the next few days or perhaps weeks that will appear here but in this minute I will let you know this. The Double Down is indeed Ilan's best Idea ever and the return of it may very well be the silliest Idea I have ever had because right now I am laughing.
Emotional shift: I had not cried out the emotional weight of such a pull until just now after a friend just sent me a message to let me know that last night she was babysitting another friend's baby who is real little. My friend told the wee one about what Jordan, Jesse and I were trying to do and all of a sudden I started shaking picturing this little baby looking into the chase of a personal dream of someone else. That was all I needed, I have been crying now for under ten minutes and plan to get it under control soon so my family will stop asking me if I am okay. Of course I'm not okay, I just finished the most spiritual experience I have had since Trans Germany Day 4, how could I be okay?

The above picture was taken by me with self timer at the old original I-95 bridge approaching Santee Cooper for lunch with Something like just under 10 Stay Alives to Isle of Palm in front of us yet to go. More pics and the entire story will follow soon.

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