Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Charlotte's own Uber Commuter takes the Silkroad

The man and his machine That looks like a big rotor
The way the generator hub shined back at me, gave me power so that I can see
Mr. Rohloff's million dollar hub, more about Mr. Rohloff to follow
A bike built with a rack in the design


Meet Bill Clay Charlotte's Uber Commuter and his bad ass Silkroad(when you see a differently colored word in my blog it will be a link to somewhere from this day hence forth)that he purchased in Freiberg while on a 10 day tandem bike tour with his wife in Germany this past October. Here is the link to the North American Silkroad distributor. Bill has been living in the Queen City for 11 years of which 8 he has been a dedicated bicycle commuter only using the car on average of one and a half times a month. His route is 11 and a half miles of neighborhood connectivity from south east of town up to the Gateway Center in the Jar. Over coffee the other day Bill told me that his route is relatively calm and peaceful lack about 1 mile of Randolph Rd that he side walk surfs(I swallow my pride every day on the stay alive utilizing the sidewalk on Lawyers Rd, Albermarle Rd and Central Ave, it is key to long term survival)to get back in to the tranquility of neighborhood roads. Physical exercise, mental health, the environment, the love of being outside and experiencing different input other than just being in the car are some of the reasons Bill enjoys his commute. He has had two close calls over the years one if which happened while he was stopped at a light near the CPCC campus. Just as the light went green a jack ass car viper driver came accelerating from behind him through the intersection and missed hitting him by less than 18inches. Car drivers are not going to deter this Uber Commuter from continuing his mode of transportation. Bill suggests more ordinary folks should plan a good route, buy the right bicycle and get started riding as a day to day existence. Both he and I recognize that once you start it will be hard stop and we all would love to see more ordinary folks on bikes here in Charlotte~

*I have to start paying attention.


Jordy said...

his bike's nicer than yours. thats to everyone reading this.

Billy said...

His bike is just plain bad ass and everyone should have one who is reading this. Why would anyone ever think about buying a new car or spending money on heat producing transportation when they could simpley get a Silkroad!!

KingJimmy said...

I know of somebody that predicted a few years back that it wouldn't be long before everybody in Nashville (and probably everybody else for that matter) would be forced to ride their bikes into work. With gas going like it is, I doubt that will be long from now. Jason will have to install showers at the PDC so that I can come into work smelling minty fresh... A bike commute from Huntersville would be a pretty good workout.

Billy said...

King Jimmy,
TRUTH-although a bike commute from Huntersville sounds like a scary hellish nightmare I'm sure that you live within an easy ride to and from a stop for an Express Cats bus which all have racks on the front. I know you can make this happen, your entire outlook will change. Make it 60 days and you will be hooked, buy a cheap single speed beach cruiser to get started. Under a hundred in God we trust units for sure, very reliable, all you will have to do is be prepared to fix an occasional flat tire or broken chain. Easy mechanics for sure! The other option would be to remain the same and continue spending money on gas and crap that could be going towards your own Uber Commuter