Monday, March 3, 2008

Flashback: Bike Love

Here is a picture of my friend Ian's room mate Bruce at the Asheville Bike Love party. I talked to Bruce for awhile that night before I put together the connection with Ian. He told me about Pisgah Works and gave me some stickers with the ideas logo. Honestly it was so loud in there from the music and the beer was flowing so I don't think I have any idea what Pisgah Works is all about. I did get the feeling that what ever it is, it's a positive force in the world spreading the love of bicycles.

Before you ask, the weekend was busy with laborious domesticated chores and an interesting local ride at Poplar yesterday. Two weeks ago my neighbor took down a big maple tree that wound up in my yard in 8-10foot sections which I wound up cutting and splitting. Saturday I took down another smaller maple right on the edge of my yard that's crown has had shock growth for the past two years. This was the first real tree drop I've done in 5 years and to make matters a little more sketchy the 50 footer( I judged 50 because the top was roughly ten feet above the 40ft light pole close by, real close) was less than 20 feet from my neighbors garage. I climbed up to the left hand leader first and dropped a 15 foot section of it straight down. Then I got in position to take down the other main leader which ran from where I was to above the light pole. I thought with family watching that the drop would be just inside the light atop the pole itself, I judged wrong by like 6 inches. The saw buzzing, me 25 feet up and there fell this top leader straight down clipping the hot wire and supporting cable causing the pole to spring((Boinggg)) as well as the wires. Switch saw off and soon the pole and wires stopped moving to the cheers of the family or I mean smart ass comments of the family. I cut that and split it that day by sun down. Yesterday morning I went to Poplar and had a fun time for a few hours. When I came home I spent the rest of the day moving the split two cord to it's final stack, one and a half cord under the car port and the rest under the side roof of the barn.

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