Monday, March 10, 2008

Portrait of a Poop Fly

Make way, this thing don't stop Fixy over the crystals has been the Header Image on your screen and the screen above my kitchen sink for over a week. The Fly is the first poop fly of the season that had flown in through an open door and commenced buzzing around my kitchen which is what drew my attention to it. I saw it land on the white counter top in full sun and the contrast of it's resplendent blue body made me think of the getting the camera real fast. When I returned the fly had jumped up on the sill and started walking around on the open window and screen with full sun still flooding the scene. I took a ton of really close shots adjusting to macro and trying to put the lens almost on top of the fly. Some of the shots show it actually wiping it's hands together giving me the impression that he was thinking, "Goody, Goody". I chose the one above to post because after I cropped and enlarged the composition was the most definite of all the shots. I do hope you see something in the picture, I do not think a fly is normally taken in that big through the visual cortex.
Header Images will change randomly and I will do my best to keep you informed as to what was going on when they were made.

Weekend Report:
Out to the UwharrieNational Forest yesterday for a 3hour ride on my mountain bike with an 18tooth rotor mount bolt on cog fixed gear style. Rich scooped me up for the hour easterly drive to the oldest mountains in the world. I had not been fixed mountain biking in a few years and because I have a new wheel set hopefully on the way from Asheville real soon I sold my primary wheels and are using my crappy back up for a fixy project during the interim. It was amazing to not coast on the trail, the force was constant and powerful. The downhills there are not technical like Pisgah but on a fixy nothing is normal, more like floating madness. Fun time out in the woods for awhile was had by all 2 of us. Photos(credit: Dillen Photography) just came in over the net of me riding through the creek and over some broken crystals which are the remnants of the center of a mammoth mountain that millions of years ago loomed over my head.

Orphan dog that is an amazingly graceful creature has been with us since Thursday after following St Lissa home from a run. Over the weekend we lined up her vaccinations and spaying for this week. After that I will go public with Pemba's picture, stats and profile for you or someone you know to be able to take home and love. We are only fostering Pemba for the short haul, we already have 3 and 4 just is not in our perpetual future. So, with that said get ready to meet Pemba soon and please have your thinking caps on in an effort to help us place her in a loving home~


Jordy said...

addressing the fly as the blog header means were addressing the fly leaving the blog header... which makes me have to address my intense sadness about that. i know i can still think about it, but its like bilbo's ring to me now somehow. can i get a poster?

Billy said...

of course you can make a poster of the bigger than your head Poop Fly...