Monday, March 31, 2008

Atmospheric, Economic and Global turbulence

Saturday morning I had to be a bit south of town early to get some old film that I helped make a year and a half ago. On the way back through the big buildings the sky started changing very rapidly from solid colors on one side of the sky to darkness and contrast on the other western side. I took the above images from 13 blocks North and 8 blocks East of the downtown at around 1025hrs. The top picture shows an advanced line of atmospheric anger billowing upwards into the sky emanating from the base of the horizon where Bank Of America's two major towers sit in dark contrast to a dark sky as if the buildings were responsible for the turbulence. The sky is in the middle and the bottom photo is what I saw when I looked 90degrees left of my position from the first picture. This image has significant qualities as well starting with the portrayal of where the two lines met, calm skies being overtaken by the more powerful and sinister darkness of the now. If you notice the other significant piece of the bottom image is the crucifix topped church steeple in the lower right corner dark against light with no where to hide from the rapidly approaching storm.
I know honest philosophical thoughts of a crazy guy who willingly gave up his 4million years ago prolly means nothing to you but I cannot help but make the cosmic connection between the skies I saw to the current Global status and our National(Bank Of America) economy. It was as if the power in the atmosphere was simply painting a picture of the truth for every action in science does have a reaction. As this whole thing speeds up war is accepted, excess is encouraged, waste and throw away is easy, eye contact is lost, brothers to brothers and sisters become cousins, nothing is real- it is only a decoy on the tube, the truth is not talked about just understood apparently by few, water is in short supply against an ever expanding global population and the outlook could only be grim considering there is no collective movement to actually change the direction we are traveling in to the forward future.
Sorry, this was all me, it has nothing to do with you

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