Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Styro Snow Storm

A few weeks ago while up in the Jar on the job Rich asked me about the heavy styro snow falling on the 100 and 200 South blocks of College St. Up until that minute I had not really seen the styro snow he was talking about even though I conjured in my mind what it looked like. My route is different than his and his client is right at the 200 block so he has direct exposure to this urban atmospheric anomaly. Soon after that convo(short for conversation) I was dropping a TWG job to the BB & T building at the intersection of 4th and College when I caught myself staring out the big first floor windows at a styro snow squall. In the canyon between the building I was in and the one across College it looked like a winter scene. Light pellets of styro foam dust from the ripping of styro foam boards in the inside construction of the new high rise and Epicentre going up across the way. The styro snow was falling very fast and of course the wind naturally drove the styro snow as if it were actually snow.

This past Friday I picked up 2 tubs of mail at 0830hrs, delivered the first to One Wachovia then proceeded north on College towards my next drop. When I crossed into the 200 S. block the styro snow storm started. The wind was blowing it everywhere from up high and off of the ground swirling around in little blowing drifts. At first I thought, how funny I'm ridding through a styro snow storm then all of a sudden I felt some of this white stuff from the sky above try to go into my throat with an inhale. I closed my mouth and lowered my head into the tub on my bars and watched some of the construction workers milling about on the ground hiding their faces as well. I guess they too did not want any of the styro snow to lodge in their lungs. What a weird feeling for just over 3 blocks.

I locked up and headed for the door with an annoying feeling in my right(good) eye. Good Morning to 2 clients in the box and up. I was facing the mirrored doors as they closed and then saw the annoyance that was a flake of styro snow half up under my top eye lid. I dropped the mail tub and I think audibly said, "Dammit" with a client staring at me in the reflection. I pulled my top lid up and tried to get the styro snow flake to stick to my finger tip. That just pushed it up some more which caused me to say, "Dammit" again. I blinked a few times and then was able to push it off of my eye and onto my finger. "Ha", I exclaimed, "Styro Snow". The ladies that I had almost forgotten about who were standing behind me looked scared at first then they laughed. I told them as they exited the box to watch out for the styro snow.

This really happened.
Apology Edit: This morning I was late, trying to leave on the East Side Stay Alive a bit early to beat what I thought was on coming rain and I posted me bloggy without a reread of a crappy piece of work littered with grammar and usage mistakes. I came in to the Uptown and read my lack luster works and made the appropriate changes to comply with the English language. Any mistakes still left are left with intention for which I apologize as well.

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