Thursday, March 6, 2008

Eureka-Turn this one up loud for sure Captain!

Yesterday I sought the council of Tim the Guru of all things data related at my place of employment and asked him what was the cheapest or free soft ware that I could get to do some video editing. I told him I would like to do audio over, voice over and link some clips together. House jumped in and they both concluded that I had Windows Movie Maker already on my operating system and that should be a good place to get started. "I am a moron" was my first thought, my second was that I have been saying that a lot over the past 38 years. I went home, opened the ole PC and there it was the ability to have been doing this for just over a year staring me in the face like every other opportunity I have ever had and not taken. So here ya go, more to follow of the CMA Street Minutes.


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

KingJimmy said...


Wow, that was just so like the movie August Rush. Do you hear the symphony of everything when you are riding down the street on your bike? Do you hear music like that? :-)


jen said...

That was awesome! Made my day.

Billy said...

Am happy you liked.

Billy said...

Why thank me?