Thursday, September 4, 2008

Attachment to Defection and/or Political Asylum

cannot be connected to anyone else no matter how easy or the only choice it may seem. It is only up to you the individual and cannot be aided by the Internet or whatever chunnel you feel like the entity is sending you down. Remove all barriers, no one else can be involved with the logistics behind your brave plan if it is to remain true. Simply put but however honest as always, take the green dummy knot of In God We Trust Units down to the The Jar International Airport today and see the attendant at the SAS(Scandahoovian Airline Service) counter, her name is Utica from Upsala. Tell her about the historical flight you want to take on the historical date and she will take your money in trade for that freedom, the last transaction you will make in this fine free country in which we dwell. I have pondered heavily since last night and realized as my internal awareness has been telling you and myself since the beginning of seeing what is not in NATO that you are the only one that can do this. Nothing that comes from Grandma, Ron, spawn of spies, the thing that hockey players hit with a stick, myself or anyone in active pursuit of their 4 million can help you now or ever even though they and I could each do a couple of double clicks and blip your way over. This type of freedom cannot work that way, the cosmic wave is ebbing. Drop all barriers which obviously have yet to be dropped and get on with it. Action/reaction the quanta of science......solving logistical problems is easy depending from which angle they are perceived from.

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scandahoovia IS green: