Friday, September 12, 2008

Mike Mooney Energy Lesson with Record Tall Bike Attempt

Here is a film clip life lesson of Mike Mooney's record breaking attempt to ride on the tallest bike ever ridden that my litttle buddy sent me. I met Senor Mooney once a long time ago and perhaps another more recently at the bike love party in Asheville this past February. The first time was way more interesting for round about the fall of 00 some friends and I had just finished a ride down the backside of Kitsuma trail and were on our way back up the old dirt state road when I recall some strange guy with his name(Mike Mooney) in cursive black die cut sticker on his bike frame came up behind us on the climb like it was nothing, perhaps at one point he was even bouncing on his rear wheel up the hill while I was pedalling. At the top of the climb back in the parking lot Jeff(The same Jeff who had just built the MotherShip) was grimacing because he was having stomach discomfort which stemmed from the 2 finger knuckle sized herniation that was trying to break out of his stomach wall as if it desired Oxygen. Sounds super comfy, right? The Sight of this cramping knob turned most of our heads but Mike Mooney with his name on his top tube knew exactly what to do. He asked Jeff a few questions about the protrusion's location, size, how long he had had it and then he asked Jeff to describe what he was feeling all the while he held the palm of Jeff's hand open and applied certain definite pressures. It was only the second time I had been witness to the application of energy healing which for those of you not in the loop is a medicine that dates back 10,000 years and has origins in the Peruvian jungle and mountain areas. I have visual memories of this scene, the sun was low setting lighting azure to lavender, fire pink skies that were clearly over our heads and surrounding our views. Jeff Lived, cured by the hand to hand transfer of energy.

Then I watch this film and realize that with open Chakras if you look real closely at the very beginning of the film you can actually see Mike's energy field. Watch closely as the crowd participates with a crescendo of soul voice mouth and a touch of their awareness that his head is over 40ft off of the ground and you will then experience full energy transfer as you connect not only with Mike Mooney but the spirits that are helping him propel himself in the actual real. Amazing. Thanks Mike, your transference of power has helped me out of the pit I found myself in and was trying to get out of. Ride on....

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Anonymous said...

Your header image, if it's Ye olde Pop Shoppe on Albemarle, is the one that those guys charged $150 from my check card at after they robbed me.
I hope they came back to buy gas when there was none. That moment of desperation would be somewhat satisfying to me.