Friday, September 19, 2008

I've got your Tinker and Raise you 1 Sonica Foster

Meet Sonica Foster named for the location she was found, Sonic Driver thru restaurant out on South Blvd, Queen City USA. We recently finished our 14 day responsibility of this 6-8 month old Dane'ish Lab mix all Dog foster. She went back way better than when we picked her up a scared skittish mule that ran every time you looked at her. Within a week of the 2 we had her she was learning to come, sit, stay and most amazingly enough was free ranging at night inside the house without a single tinkle or brown frown accident. Within a couple of days of returning her I had to go back to pick up the next lot of creatures(more on those to follow, that's right 6 total) in need and on the board Sonica had already been adopted. Once again if you think you can help with little short term commitments and you are responsible enough call Linda at the Charlotte Humane Society and volunteer to be a foster, they do not need much but they need you.....
Be advised Jordy Moore has updated his blog from Texas where Hurricane Ike came ashore a week ago tomorrow a few miles from where he sits dispatching ranch dressing, I mean Diesel gas fuel to 1,000 AT&T generators powering their cell phone towers. Check it out HERE or There

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