Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shop Road Ride, Ultimate Mathews

Dan fixing pre-ride post commute to ride flat. photo credit:SLechner
My friend Shannon took the above picture of me a few minutes before the Ultimate Bike 30mile shop road ride last weekend. Her and I had started roughly 8 miles of traversing some road and then greenway then road again to be the only ones other than Dan to show up by bike. After a pep talk the dozen of us rolled out towards Union county through the outskirts of Mathews NC. On the first climb Shannon, the only girl there seemed a little let's say nervous or something it being her first group roadie style event so we eased back and let them pull away. No more group just her and I for the next 40 something all the way back to the house. When the peloton pulled away I realized that I would be following the cue only by memory and you know how that goes. There is a 4 way intersection out in the country that reminds me of an intersection off of 218 that I/we were supposed to go right at but I did not remember that part until I had taken her straight 4 miles off the route and back another 4 to get back to make the left which originally would have been a right. My riding partner seemed not to care only mumbling something about time and church and positive thoughts. Back to Potter road out at Indian Trail and then Stallings NC , the thriving Metropolis and back on the cue. We made it back to the shop in good time considering we went 8 miles off the ride and then we headed back to the house finishing before noon with an interesting 50 mile ride.

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