Thursday, September 18, 2008

Report From The Field

I took this photograph of Jordy In downtown Stockholm along the river at Race Central right before we rolled out in parade to the start of SSWC06. Just a few days ago I pulled the image up into my digital tray and worked the image to present you right side up/aka view from upside down. Jordy has been in active pursuit of his 4,000(not 4million/not a life time chase either just 10 days) since Friday and is right on track for success. He has been in the field responding well to contract work for AT&T helping dispatch diesel fuel at the rate of up to 1,000 gallons an hour(24hrs on the daily) to roughly 1,000 cell phone tower sites around South Eastern and Central Texas being powered under FEMA directive by huge generators. As we sit here in L.I.G. mode realize that besides AT&T keeping things calm down yonder by opening and maintaining communication lines for the ranch to flow freely there are hundreds of thousands, over a mil of people still without the basics and surrounded by water. People who have lost everything, not by risking it all in the money markets but by being poor at the other end of that result. It is amazing Hurricanes Rita and Ike are not so bad either right? Or is that what you think just because the media has moved on to the next 'decoy of the day' for our nation to hold on to. 3 times over here it comes, divisible by 3 so hold on for the ride folks it is about to get real.

here are his words from yesterday:

J'adore le odor de NAPALM c'est le matain! AHHHH OOUUUIII! FIRE EM UP BOYS, more ranch needed. Repeat, losing ranch flow, NEED MORE RANCH. billy, your readers need to know that while they pay 5+ in the jar pasadena is rolling round @ 3.40, but they have to live with the refineries looking like looming empires off in the flat distance, gotham's they are with no hospitality no energy to speak of. marshall law means that you must let your engine idle for 3 hours while waiting for some burger king burger, King. im talking drive thru lines with engine idle as engines idle and fake food fone calls made from engine idle. copy, billy? you think the readership ship follows? billy, what i didnt tell you about my level of crackoutedness last night was that the lady with the death make up on and the missing front tooth, remember, yeah... i just wanted to lean across the front desk of the hotel lobby and press my living lips to hers and hold that under the burring groan of the diesel that REALLY is keeping the life is good/ranch dressing is good going. which really was 19,000 light years away from her eyes. see later today for updates

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