Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Cheapest Price in Town, Again!

That's right every gas station for the 10 mile in was out of fuel yesterday morning except for the Shell Station below the Citgo Pop Shoppe, it was an extraordinary view from the saddle of my Fillmore. Ike hit 13 days ago, they are running out and not so happy/or L.I.G. about it. Did anyone read the article about the armed Russian War Ship cruising the Caribbean Ocean with a Venezuelan Naval contingent? and it was a Jam! I took this little photo essay yesterday morning on my westward Stay Alive.
Jockeying for a spot at the pump, horns you cannot hear but I did as well as idling motors with the windows rolled up, some on the phone sitting behind the wheel appearing scared and confused as if out of the comfort zone of their living rooms. Just wait, it's gonna get better, your government will take car of you.
That Jeep got it's 20 Dollars or two days worth.
Lady in GMC Pick up on left is about to go red when a lady coming from the other direction takes her pump.
Pan right
This is real.
Little car on right about to squeeze GMC p/u lady from above and make the rest of the real line start to blow more horns that the pictures cannot get across. Constant horns from calm faces.
"Excuse me ma'am but Me and all the people on the other side were here first." The ma'am obviously could give a shit less, it is a dog eat dog world(I heard that) and all she has is 15 bucks going in anyway....more horns and calm faces.
It is a Jimmy Blockade at this point.
Then the day passes up in the Jar. My friend J grounds me with his infinite knowledge of the economic system we call America. I asked him what does this Bail Out actually mean to me? He told me with a straight face and direct eye contact that every tax payer in my house should set aside 2,000$ now because that is what the FED is coming for to bail out not only the Bucket Heads who have squandered retirements of the generations around me but every greedy bastard who took more than they need to pay for their McMansion/McLifestyle in whatever game they play to rationalize their McExistence from fake Real Estate to Fake Banking or whatever else you call yours . That is right, set aside your 2 Grand because as long as you have a bank account and an ID that will be what is taken from you to come up with the trillion that they need.
Late afternoon, eastward commute and there is NO gas at all of them. The one from this morning that had it was now out and looks so much more still and less aggressive, inert, an energy crisis for sure starting with individual human energy. The manager did not want to answer my questions, he seemed scared of me and slightly tweaked. He did not like me taking pictures either. I left after telling the clerk who was selling nothing to get out of here back to his home nation quickly, it is the only chance he has.
Hey, I just read IN the NY Times that Shell has Opened up a refinement facility in Baghdad after having no access to that country for the last 35 years. Just like Sarah Palin says, "That is awesome!"

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tsc said...

J's calculations are wrong - less than one third of us are actually income-taxpayers - meaning that it's more like $7k apiece we're shouldering.