Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Road Kill Essay/Anatomy of a Hare

Click this one big to full screen and then examine thoroughly using the zone technique by looking at each postage stamp sized block of the image all the way across, up and down. There is a lot of info happening in the picture.....

This rabbit or what is left of it was run down by some jack ass car driver who could not avoid the small ground animal on the side of a neighborhood road in Dooleyville. Just prior to being torn open the little guy probably looked some like this which appears slightly more comfortable than his present state. The death of anything on the road as a result of the auto viper, more specifically the humans that operate them is a real tragedy considering that the life energy of the one dead would have continued living without the murderous combo of human and car. What's left, the carcass, the vessel which carried the living spirit up until that point becomes an extraordinary photo subject to me because of my proximity to the place it went down, the 2 wheeled connection. I usually roll by death by tire and asphalt, my fault, their fault on the daily and I never look away. I am always scanning to see if the subject is dynamic enough, if the light is right, is there a backdrop and all things that I need to see to make a decent picture that will make people's brains itch. One of these days I am going to put together a picture book, coffee table size of the collective animal death I have witnessed on the roads that I ride. It says more than what you see when you look past the subject to the struggle for life in a paved nation.


cornfed said...

interesting that the yellow jackets (bees?) are there... flies and such I would expect, but yellow jackets? Have we killed off all the plants that feed them? Have they gone carnivorous? Hot wing eating hornets?

I rode in past a dead dear and thought "Bill would stop for a photo". I stopped, but didn't snap despite taking out the camera. The more I looked the more I felt she deserved better. Such graceful animals.

Jen said...

Actually, yellow jackets ARE carnivorous. Taken from Wikipedia:

"Although adults feed primarily on items rich in sugars and carbohydrates (fruits, flower nectar and tree sap), the larvae feed on proteins (insects, meats, fish, etc.). Adult workers chew and condition the meat fed to the larvae."

The only reason I know this is because I have been studying these creatures since my friend's family (including 2 year old son) were attacked by them after accidentally disturbing a next in a park on Monday. Thankfully I was about 20 yards away holding their 4 month old baby and was able to get away.

As far as roadkill is concerned, it always makes me feel sad when I see that stuff. At the same time, none of those animals are experiencing any sort of population crisis. Does it make me kinda sad to see a cute furry animal all mushed up? Yes. Do I think it's a tragedy? No. Not every animal (humans included) is going to live out their full life cycle. If all of them did, there would be no space left on this planet.