Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The CMA's Lucky Bike Commuter of the Month

The other day I stepped out of Three Wacky Fargo under a crystal clear sky after delivering an important package to the 30th Floor.  I went left out of the swirly side door for my bicycle which was fortunately locked on the Tryon side when all of a sudden I heard a loud almost flushing sound coming from high above. 
When I looked up I saw water cascading straight down in a singular fall racing towards and about to crash onto Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. with all of its molecular weight and wetness. 
A fire suppression system pressure test caused something to happen that none of the engineers responsible expected or they would have warned G4 Wackenhut to be prepared.  Of course G4 wasn't, but they did make it up as they went along. 
The lucky bicycle commuter diligently working for the man inside the building has no idea that his rig is being artificially rained upon.  When he locked up in the morning, the sky was void of any clouds and he was feeling good, like today was his lucky day. 
Ellen D., one of his co-workers was across the street at the Verizon Store when she saw the unexpected weather system coming down. She immediately belled up Bob with a street side report, "Yeah Bob, it's me Ellen and it looks like your bike is about to be dumped on with water." 
"Seriously Ellen?  How is that possible? It is a beautiful day out there and I am feeling great as usual when I commute to work on my bike?", Bob replied. 
Once the wind shifted the impact Zone of the pouring man made rain I went in for a closer look and saw moisture in Bob's helmet and
standing water in his rear rack bag. 
Bob has been awarded the CMA's Lucky Bike Commuter of the Month.  Congratulations Bob, there are no prizes at this time, however, by being recognized on this post your experience will remain etched in history as long as the binary cloud over Beijing(or is it Hong Kong?) continues to be powered by mountain tops, controlled Nuclear Fission and the stakes of the Global Corporate Plan of Aggression.

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