Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Faction Splits from the CMA to form the CMG

These colors don't ride away.  First it was the Crips and Bloods, now it is the Pumpkins.  A small divisional rift in the Charlotte Messenger Association based on the colors of modern fashion has caused a small clique to break away and form the Charlotte Messenger Gang.  Charlotte's latest bike coalition has chosen Orange to be the color that represents them and what they stand for.  In an official release the CMG stated, "L'orange is just like us and we are serious business."

Here, the group's newest member Swazey is placing his final bid on some new orange Briko sunglasses that he had been following on eBay.
Founding Pumpkin and CMG member is spotted here 'e' ordering 3 more pairs of l'orange pantaloons. 
This fellow is not yet a CMA or CMG associate, but he showed up last week pointing out to me that he is qualified.  Not only does he have the necessary attire to be a Pumpkin, but he also has a bike and the Nike Logo which are both mentioned in the CMG handbook as needed to complete 'the look'.


spokejunky said...

It'd be just a bad thing if the CMA's colors are green.

Billy Fehr said...

Good Point Spoke...