Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two Suns

Every Star has a sister star traveling in relative proximity to it and its orbit through the Universe. I have read a bit about and asked many questions of a near physicist regarding the Binary Sun Theory. Of course the constant great size distance growth of our galaxy in the context of a 14 billion year outward expansion of the Universe could have these two stars only coming close to each other perhaps every 70,000 to 100,000 years.

I made this series of images a few weeks ago from up high in one of the buildings.
I wonder about visible light when I look up at the information disc through the glass of the lens and a polarized filter being twisted for maximum contrast.
Seems to me that it is possible certain light may only be seen by the eye through particular types of filtration.
Presently our sun's sister is not plainly visible. Theory has found the sister star's remnants or perhaps the particulate matter that will one day become its beginnings, however these are human interpretations being made on the face of a Plan It looking back up towards it.
What would it be like to see two suns hanging in the sky? Maybe their paths would illuminate the entire earth constantly blocking out all darkness for ever. Time Change. Would our sun still be center stage while the sister stays far enough away as to not get caught up in the race or would they battle for their way in to claim the middle spot?

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