Monday, September 20, 2010

In Air and Water is Human Transformation

The other day my 2007 Trans Germany Partner, 3 time National Mountain Bike Champion and the 2003 CMA Rookie of the Year Rebecca Tomaszewski stopped in the Jar for a bit and over coffee she showed some skin. For those of you who just Google or Bing searched; 'Rebecca shows skin' and were delivered to this post, here you are:
That's right folks Becky is truly ravishing in her perpetual iconic yet mysterious beauty. This is just a hint of her femininity outside, a small section of the taut articulate skin bag at her inside elbow that holds her muscle, blood, organs and bones together is here on photographic display for all y'all to see. I never asked permission when I took the shot, her sun baked skin drew me in, not her dreamy eyes, straight raven locks, olive'ish skin, webbed feet or her over all ripped girlish figure wrapped in those hip little chick jeans. Nope, it was her veins that I find the most attractive attribute of this ultra endurance cycling athlete.

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