Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Foster Alert: This Albino Doberman Pinscher Bent a Spoon with his Brain

For the past few days we have been taking care of Casper from the Humane Society of Charlotte. All of the fosters that we have brought in are special, but once in a while one stands out to have a unique inner quality that separates itself from the rest. This guy has done that. Casper is an adult Albino Doberman Pinscher whom within a few minutes of traveling with me became temporarily renamed Powder, like the ultra-white kid who felt pain and joy in the movie.

Powder fit well in the existing pack and he did not seem to mind the cat at all. This dog is stealthy quiet and very sweet. Some dogs carry themselves with an air of innate knowledge as they move through their day to day routines. This guy is twice as intelligent than any of the smartest ones before him. Hanging out with Powder is almost spooky because he carries him self very noiseless physically, however his mental and emotional vibrations are louder and more honed than anything I have ever heard before in a dog. Powder is truly an amazing creature and has a super special energy at the quanta of his being.

This albino Doberman is so gifted that with his mind alone he can bend a steel spoon as witnessed in this series of photographs. The Vibrant Pink Nose Knows!Here Powder concentrates real hard on focusing all of his mental energy into the spoon.
And within seconds, WALLAH!! Good boy, but now could you bend my spoon back straight?
This morning I have to leave the house early to take Powder aka Casper back to the Humane Society where he will be available soon for a permanent adoption. If you or anyone you know are in a position to give this fellow a safe place to call home, please contact the HSC and do so right away. Powder would make anyone a brilliant companion and friend!


Anonymous said...

There is no spoon.

Billy Fehr said...

Look closely Anon, I assure you that there is a spoon in each frame.

MM said...

That boy is beautiful! He may have a little Weim in him too!

Billy Fehr said...
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Billy Fehr said...

Mark-the lamp I was using is real warm making his coat look darker than he actually is, almost perfectly white. Ears not docked, Tall is and rest of his body all Doberman. Maybe you are data came in the form of a paper contract and the transfer of hangin out with him.