Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Foster Fun Fest

Meet Sugar, the PB(stands for Pure Bred, not Peanut Butter like I thought it did) Chihuahua looking rather timid and cute with an uncanny resemblance to one of the characters of Littlest Pet Shop.
Sugar is property of the Humane Society of Charlotte. She has been under our Foster Care for the past week and has one more to go out here at the K9 estate. Ms. Arcen has taken special care of this little one who sleeps with her every night on the wall side of the bed. Amazingly enough this tiny dog has not wet or pooped the bed once since being here, instead she prefers to go outside with the big bluders. Sugar is sweet, quiet without a peep and through the night she sleeps without wetting the sheets. She needs a permanent home and someone to take care of her which will not take much considering she weighs less than a jar of pickles. This kid would look good in your big yellow hand bag.
AND-this is Reba, the PB Scottish Terrier. In the words of William Wallace with a full Scottish accent and all, "They may take her away from an abusive situation but they cannot take her beautiful smiling face and bright eyes." Reba as well is property of the Humane Society of Charlotte which is where she was returned to yesterday after a few weeks in the safe Foster Care of the Dillen Family. Reba is special because someone had been very mean to her and added stress in her life with physical and mental cruelty, something humans have become good at administering to those they want to control and feel superior towards without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Pride and ego are directly connected, so I digress. Anyhoo, Reba's light is obviously bright, her coat is as dark as night and hopefully for her sake a safe loving home and family is in sight.
If you can help with an adoption or reference for either one of these cutie patooties please make contact. At the least, please take a minute to forward my link with this info to your 'Friends'. The more the word spreads, the better chance these two will be found by their future family.

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