Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Eyes do have it...

When someone like Himalayan Photographer Jeff Botz bells you up after seeing the image that you made of your daughter's eye and leaves an emphatic message saying, "Bill, that picture is unf@*%ingbelievable", you know you may be onto something.

(click for big, her eye holds together when it is 7 inches across)
I have spent some time with this one, like I do often with others, but this one is different. The more I look at the details within it the more I realize that this may be the coolest picture I have ever made. This special image is inspiring me to make more close up eye shots and share them with the various subjects so that they can see themselves as I do, through their eyes.

My initial description:

Mein Schatz, my daughter's eyes are the color of the earth. Green, Brown and Blue are apparent on close inspection. They weren't at the beginning, they evolved in rotation over the 11 short years that have flown by since she was born. This image was made and edited by me. I was using yet another of Jeff's old professional manual Nikon lenses, a 1970 something macro 55mm on my newer digital body. This lens is real glass, not the modern synthetic which takes away from the final composition. Looking through it is like looking back in time. The only thing I changed in the digital tray is the focal black and white surrounding her iris and of course I made a slight contrast enhancement.

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