Friday, December 10, 2010

Details Uncovered

Stuckey's revealing rolling rainy day self portrait with me warm and dry in my Montero over his left shoulder. 
The other day I was trying to transfer the synchro of the above image to all y'all.  In that post I wrote something rather important based on the knowledge of the image that I had at the time.  'To tell the truth, I never remember seeing him and he swears that he never saw me.'  Then I go on with all of the justifications and rationalizations as to why I am driving my truck on this day for Stuckey to capture in full snychro style.

Well, after I wrote and posted the story I talked to Stuckey on the gas grill and he corrected my assumption that the shot was made from the bike lane on Central Avenue.  He was actually on Hickory Grove Road which would clearly explain why I openly admitted that I never saw him.  I never did see him on Central, but I do have a clear memory of passing a rainy day wet cyclist in the bike lane on Hickory Grove that day.  Of course, it was just an anonymous rider to me at the time that I was passing on my way to get Ms. Arcen from school.  That brings me back to the original point, I was there that day in my car for all of the reasons previously listed in the original post, plus I had solo parenting responsibilities after work causing me to drive.

There you have it, a complete waste of your time today here at the Traffic Stop.  I just did not want any readers to think that I did not see a cyclist that I passed while driving my car, when in fact I did not and did at the same time.  Does that make any sense?  Assumptions can be so damning, thanks a lot Stuckey for helping me clarify that I actually did see you, it's just that it was not on Central.

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