Monday, December 27, 2010

Work/School Day Off

Bright White Pastoral Transfer, all along the way while walking 5.6 miles in the snow burdened woods. Ms. Arcen and Botzie(if you haven't seen his new place on the web, be sure to click here it includes new, never viewed before video from the Himalayas far, far away) walk up the slight rise completely blown out hot in a digital test exposure with the old 55mm.   
Shortly after tasting the cake marked: EAT ME, Ms. Arcen leads Himalayan Photographer Jeff Botz through the winter woods. 
From behind I watched and moved as Rommel, the boar hunting Dane gets scent of a pig, and takes off to the front for a closer smell. 
Poor TWIT looks on with jealous dismay as the big dog enjoys his well earned freedom.  Zoo is mischievous and cannot be trusted off lead, I doubt she ever will be. 
Success, the big dog makes an on the fly pass around our guide, the Giantess. 
Rommel and Mein Schatz forge on through a dark wind blown tree top snowing section of the forest under an azure sky.
When I said, "Freeze", I stepped backwards without looking and fell over a snow covered log landing flat on my ass.  This was the looks on their faces.
Photo of Winter Daughter, with Rommel and Zoo out of frame attached to the bamboo holding Dad courtesy of Jeff Botz

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