Thursday, December 2, 2010

Burley Trailer Follow Up

Earlier in the week I highlighted the new Burley Trailer that Swazey(street name) purchased with a cash trade from the fine folks at Bicycle Sport.  Roughly three hours after that post went up, the Burley voice picked up on my reference to its product by using the super top secret industry Internet radar system.  Then the voice behind the cloud commented:

Anonymous burley_trailers said...

Nice Burley Flatbed trailer!

A good choice to go with a two-wheel trailer which balances its load on the trailer wheels rather than making you balance the weight on your bike. You'd really notice that difference in cornering and in standing up on the pedals. You'll also get better maneuverability around town with the shorter wheel-base of the Burley because the wheels are centered on the cargo area.

Check out the Burley Travoy if you are looking for an even smaller towing footprint at . Keep on rolling!

November 30, 2010 9:10 AM

All good points from a marketing aspect.  I would have to say that I am not being paid by anyone in the industry so my opinion really does not matter, it's just that I have had my BOB for a long time and it works well for me when ever I pull it down. 

Swazey's Burley is now a few days old and the aura it creates is just as tantalizing as it was the first day we saw it.  Let's check in with him and see how this new Burley product is working for him.

What's this?  A half assed Tupperware solution to the problem of urban ick spraying the load on the bed of the trailer. 
Swazey says, "If you're gonna do something, do it with pride."
Nothing says pride like, Tupperware. Or is it Rubbermaid?
This is good problem solving by one of the CMA's most intellectual members.  Swazey's priority negotiating skills are pro level. 
Thought Bubble:  Hmmm, that trailer is heavy, I'm tired and one of my far away clients has an ASAP coming back to town.  Maybe I should just lock my Burley to the bike rack, do the job and get the trailer later, that way I do not have to pull the extra weight around for nothing.  What great ideas I have all of the time.
One of the nicest city employees in Charlotte inquires as to why Swazey is locking his trailer rather then riding away with it.
Here Swazey is seen explaining how hard it is to ride with the extra weight behind him. 
The man in the Nathan Vest was over heard saying, "Burley's trailer is really nice looking, but I am not sure why there is Tupperware in the back of it."
Swazey points out the only deficiency in the Burley system that he has discovered thus far.  "It jiggles and rattles and drives my nuts(at least it won't be a far drive)", he repined.   Then he went on, "Use your stupid blog and get Burley to do something about this."
Closer inspection shows another half assed effort to solve a problem.  This time black electrical tape is loosely wrapped around what he thought was the cause of the irritating rattle.  Looks like something to be proud of to me. 
Dicky steps in and adds his opinion on the manner in which Swazey locked his trailer. 
Coincidence, highly unlikely. 
Rolling away towards Union County for that ASAP special request without the Burley. 

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Billy Fehr said...

You can keep checking, no matter what no one will e-slander yer product. Stay tooned, that's right tooned, not tuned for yet another development in Swazey's application of your two wheeled gear! Damage control, schmamage control!!!