Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday Mountain Ride Report

Well, it was going to be a detailed ride report from yesterday's 3.5hrs in the woods of the Uwharrie National Forest with Blair, but I overslept so you are only getting a brief version of the epic events that took place.

-US Army Special Forces Trainees Jumped in close by eight days earlier and have been in the field since practicing map only land nav.  The Major gave me the scoop.
-Dude(the fellow in the present header image making a high cut on my former shag bark maple tree) was there and left a beer on my car, so we left one on his friend's.
-I took a wrong turn, or missed the right one.  Go figure.
-Blair is brave.
-The warm up jacket that Boots gave me a few years ago is very comfortable, practically functional for riding and makes complete fashion sense.
-Uwharrie is a great forest to have so close by, a third of the time in the car away than the big mountains. 

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