Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breaking News: It's COLD!

On Monday, local WBTV reporter Dedrick Russell stopped me as I stepped out of the midday CMA Meeting to ask me a few questions about dealig with the cold.  Immediately I balked and asked him not to put me on the air, but his genuine interest and promise to not make me look like an idiot won me over.  You may get a kick out of this short clip, I enter around a minute forty five with a little 'B' roll.  Dedrick, you did a good job of making sure the moron in me did not make the cut, for that and your comment about me being a smart worker I thank you. 

Laptop Round Up for the Real Count as of Today:

-I am happy to report that as of this morning at 0700hrs a total of 4 Laptops have been officially donated to this project.  3 other Laptops are verbally offered over the next few weeks.  Just counting the 4 that have been committed locally means that the Laptop Drive for the children of the primary school in Babancourt is almost a third of the way to its goal of 15 computers.  Thank you to those who have contacted me with a donation and those who have offered guidance and support.  Please donate a Laptop today by contacting me at  If you cannot, please take a minute to share my link with your friends who may be able to.  You are never too far away to be able to help.  Thank you very much, you beautiful people.


Doug said...

Pretty cool Billy - and a nice dismount too!

Anonymous said...

In the short time that I lived in Charlotte I had to turn down a request for an on-camera interview TWICE. Once when Richard climbed about 100' up a tree chasing his cat and then after that van smashed into my house.
Stay warm Bill!

jiggins said...

Nice one man.. always interesting to see a piece of someone's daily life.. you have yours on video! haha.. good stuff!

brado1 said...

you are one smart worker! :)

WV: sorglan