Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Laptop Round Up for the Real-Day 1 Results Posted

Image of garden variety Laptop swiped from the Google image search by ME.
As you know from yesterday's post, the Traffic Stop is on a campaign to raise 15 Laptop computers(new, used or about to be thrown away) for the primary public school in Barbancourt that I visited in October.  All of the logistics needed to get these machines to the school are covered between Pastor Lyonel and myself.  If you have specific questions about any of the details, please feel free to contact me at: whereonearthisbill@gmail.com.

Here are the results from the first day of the Laptop Round Up:

-1 old Dell was donated by Tab
-1 used HP was tentatively donated based on the donor purchasing their new machine closer to the Holiday.
-1 Dell may be coming back from West Palm Beach after Christmas with V, the Laptop Round Up's new female director of facilitation.

Not an over whelming start, but definitely warming to the heart.  A big Traffic Stop THANKS to the three ladies mentioned above for feeling it, and being willing to participate as well as help spread the word.  Remember, my philosophy for this project stems from the idea that fixing the plight of the Haitian people may never happen, but small real answers on the ground can set into motion a life time of positive change for the ones living there.

Pastor Lyonel humbly told me that he could use 15 Laptops to start a computer lab at the school in Barbancourt.  Please help me fill that request with a real solution by donating your(or a friend's) old Laptop today.


Anonymous said...

Bill- I may have one, I also suggest contacting the people at this program: www.ecycleme.com in Asheville. This is through Charlotte STreet Computers, as you may know I am a social worker servicing special needs children. Through this program I have gotten several good condition, totally "cleaned" laptops. Call them up, explain your situation, they may have something.

Should have just e-mailed this to you, but I am lazy and this was easier.

Mike B

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Billy Fehr said...

Thanks Mike~will do.