Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blog Delay/Broken LCD

Equals the temporary loss of my morning psychiatry session with Dr. Bloggy. Unfortunately this may take a bit to fix so my posting will be real spotty until the challenge is resolved. Above is a little film that I shot back in March while at The Over Mountain Victory Trail with the yahoos I call friends. I made the edits the other day and the response from an enlightened institute in Iowa has been quite moving. It involves 3 people getting side tracked on the left hand side of the trail for some minutes. You are looking at 2 scenes separate in time and thought plus a title edit as well as end credits. TURN it UP.

I should have some interesting mountain and flat land stories whence I return. Virginia's tallest point or better yet tallest mountain is a destination for the kid and I this Friday. There is also a small possibility that my annual and very traditional early morning Thanksgiving Mountain ride will be transferred into something a bit more exciting.

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