Monday, November 10, 2008

Requiem De Local Rodent

The other day I was out in the back by the barn messing with something when I heard a small but shrill scream from further out by the trees. I turned and saw Danger(aka Seal Blubber) the dog shaking her head violently with an at that time very alive squirrel scratching for it's life in her mouth. I yelled release twice and she spit out the yard rodent at her feet some 40 meters away from me. As I made my way to scene I found the little gray fellow gasping for breath with a noodle sized spiral of it's intestines sticking out of it's stomach. Part of me wanted to waste a .40caliber bullet on it's little head to help it out of misery but at the same time I felt as if what the squirrel was going through was not that miserable. She/he was calm, eyes wide open, breathing shallow. I sat next to it and stared at Danger who appeared to all of a sudden feel bad for what she had manifested. I wondered how Danger was able to catch it, Squirrels are fast. Maybe the thing was old and on it's way out anyways, it's teeth looked older than me. Perhaps it did one of those squirrel indecisive juke left, juke right back left cracked out moves that I have seen squirrels do often enough in the trail and on the road, that being the break Danger needed. No matter what happened within a few minutes the creature stopped breathing and I felt as sad as Danger looked.

Danger's remorse
Not sure what to do next
Slap on a tie and head to the funeral
Say your last good bye Danger, I know it is hard to look at what you did
Does anyone have a tissue?
This weekend I was able to ride at Sherman for a few hours on Saturday and on Sunday I rebuilt the push rods on my Hayes HFX-9 brakes that became extra when I was able to get those new Strokers for my mountain bike. Now I have to decide whether to sell or keep them for Ms. Arcen's first big wheeled bike I am trying to put together within the month.


AloneTogether said...

its the funniest and the saddest thing. we had the same experience with a bunny not too long ago.. minus the cute dog with a tie.

The Clawhammer Cyclist said...

one of the funniest blog entries I've seen in a while!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Funny shit as usual Billy. Never seen a dog in tie, but that shit is the new black for 2009... just wait and see