Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Photo Assignment-Charlotte NC

September Cover
all scans courtesy of The Happiest Man on Earth(TEldred)
The week Before this Year's 24hrs of Booty Joe Nuss from Endurance Magazine who I had met while working on a project involving the most famous Single Speed Mountain Biker in all of the world called me with an idea. He asked if I would be able to go out to the Booty Course and meet up with Michael Gibbons seen below. Mr. Gibbons had helped put together Team Mojo Riding who were the highest contributors as a team for the Lance Armstrong Foundation in this year's Booty Ride . Joe was wanting me to get various images of Michael for the September issue and a little story that he was working on. Sure no problem, I actually enjoy taking pictures and to see the effort in print is rewarding.

This is the picture he picked, click big and you will have a better look. You will Notice that there is no credit to the human who took the picture. Oh well, no credit for free lance work I guess things sometimes happen. I emailed Joe and awkwardly explained that I noticed no credit was given and he responded sincerely explaining how that type of editing mistake is not acceptable. He feels that all of his contributors should be recognized by name and with free Endurance Socks.

To make up for the mistake Joe gave me dibs on an assignment for the November Issue which involved capturing people riding bicycles in a safe manner around town. These pictures were to be supporting the little story about the Parks and Rec Bond vote, which I voted for yesterday in Precinct 83. I had less than 6 very cloudy days to get him a batch to pick from and before the deadline managed to send 90 or so images of which 60 were directly related to the task, the other 30'is were a collection of work past.

Amazingly enough Joe selected the 2 big below for print out of the batch that I had worked on that week. As you can see my kid Ms. Arcen(soft C) is now famous in the 4th grade for her effort in Dooleyville. I asked her to roll by twice, she did not know why when I asked her but a month later she was tickled to see it in print. The image to the right is of Dan rolling down Tryon. Dan is one of the top 12 fastest couriers in town, so catching up to him was my only challenge. He was happy with the end result as well, that type of exposure works well with the ladies as we all know, just ask Dicky. The insert is a self portrait that I took somewhere above the Death Descent while on a ride with Ars Bars. I appreciate Joe Nuss and the folks at Endurance Magazine for giving me the chance to get some of my pictures out into the world.

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