Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warrior Adoption Final

As you may or may not know our home has been open to Fostering rescued animals for the Charlotte Humane Society for almost a year now thanks to a tip and example led by the Dillens. This experience all though not very difficult has been very rewarding on more than one level and the result actually feels as if it is helping a system that is truly overwhelmed by the ignorance of the masses and individual situations of domesticated pets in need. It has been a pleasure to take care of the little and not so little ones returning them to the care of the CHS so that qualified humans could adopt these already transitioned pets into their homes. All of them have seemed special, then came this one, Sulla. Her place in our permanent pack was clear and she appeared to be my next generation Warrior. At 10 weeks this puppy was turned into the CHS by an adult female who reported something along the lines of, " I just can't handle this puppy". Our contact thought of Ms. Arcen and her ability to see things for what they are and gave us the call. Within a few hours I was wondering what the human who turned her in could have been thinking but then humans do flick grit butts out at bike riders in bike lanes so whatever. Yesterday morning I had to drive her in early for her spaying and micro chipping provided by the CHS. I picked her up after work a little groggy and apparently a bit sore she communicated with her voice. This pup is very verbal. She has slept well and will now resume her place in the pack as up and coming Warrior/Protector under the wing or paw arm of one of the best. If you are a responsible person and you must be because you are reading my bloggy please consider fostering for the CHS, these animals do not need much but they do need you. Ars, Linda said you were clear to Foster you just have to get that letter from your land lord in to her for the final approval!! You can do it.
Can you believe I weigh 15lbs?

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Arleigh Jenkins said...

I'm moving, and then we will totally become a sponsor foster thing!