Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SU SU-Do you know the money game?

Manuel came to the USA in 1983 from Peru via Venezuela Jeffery from Monrovia Liberia in the early 90's
In Charlotte NC the productivity based society know as the Jar or opposite town the lower end of the hierarchy scale starts at the bottom with worthless no home having bums, then the internationally flavored cab drivers and then us the bicycle messengers. There are another 283 or so rungs upwards into the realm of success in this fine town all the way up to top level bankers who ironically enough come up with ways to screw the lower half of the hierarchy scale and their families world wide on a daily basis but we will not waste anytime covering them right now, the real story is down low in the trenches.
Seeing I am one rung away from a cab driver and I share work space with a bunch on the square I have become friends with two cabbies in particular. Manuel Loli a Peruvian/American immigrant and Jeffery a Liberian/American immigrant are genuine nice folks who I have known for years and they both think that bicycle messengering is a great recession proof career where we never have to worry about idling gas away. I think I gravitated to these two professionals because I have always had wonder lust for the Peruvian Andina land and I actually have been to Liberia on the Western Coast of Africa in 1989 with a real NEO-Op while I was in the USMC, better known as the suck.
I sat with them over coffee recently and they told me about this crazy money trade thing that cab drivers other than them are constantly partaking in as a recreation called SU SU. How this works is you get together with your circle, say 9 of your mountain bike friends who all agree to pitch in to a kitty 100$ a week. One person is designated collector and once that 100$ times 10 friends turns in to 1,000$ the collector will pass the grand to the first person on the list. That person now has the grand to spend on whatever they want in the now. Then the next week when the collection is done of the 100$ from each the grand goes to person number 2 on the list so that he or she might go a spending. This rotation continues for 10 weeks until each has their share of the instant grand and then starts paying on it again for ten weeks. I asked them what happens if one of the 10 does not pay and Manuel said that is one of the risks that could result in bodily injury and loss of your own half assed investment. Jeffery added that some cabbies use all types of combos to make this SU SU interesting. For example, 5 men at 500$ a week for 5 weeks equals 2,500$ to go blow in a week. Confused and bewildered, feeling a little funny in the tummy? Me too, I see no point to this at all but what the hell do I know, I'm only one rung above such activity!


KingJimmy said...

Great new header photo. If you were dressed in yellow spandex with black stripes, you'd look like the x-men character, Wolverine.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

When working in Boston, those of us on bikes despised those in the yellow life-takers. Glad to see you've extended the olive branch... Su Su, where have you been all my life???