Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back to the Insanity

This is an image of a CH-53 Sea Stallion that I have borrowed from a US Department of Defense News Web Page. The rest of these images of the same CH-53 are ones that I made on Thursday afternoon as 3 of them flew loaded over Dooleyville on their way east. I was at the house and just about to leave to get Ms. Arcen out of school a bit early for a good behavior surprise when I heard them coming. Seriously, the CMPD choppers Snoopy 1 and 2 don't even come close to making the same noise.
Nor does the CMC's Life Flights Helos. The USMC and the Navy are the only branches that actively deploy the CH-53 Sea Stallion.
So, I was walking out the door when I heard the distinct roar headed my way just above the trees. I ran back inside, grabbed my camera and than ran/sprinted like a maniac to my good neighbor's front yard for an open sky view. As soon as I saw them through the glass I knew exactly what they were, I had spent almost 4 years of my life around them along time ago.
A few minutes before I made these images the helos were 15 miles away near the South End Cool & Cool when an excited bright fellow looked up at the noise. That bright fellow sent a message to his friend who happens to be a friend of mine about the gun ships over head. In full face synchro that human then sent me the relay that 3 gun ships were flying east out of the Jar. No kidding, I was trying to capture them in imagery.
They were moving faster and higher away as I hit the shutter. The Magnolia is a beautiful tall tree with huge ever green leaves.
The last in line flying away and out of the picture.
About 3 hours after I made these pictures of the most likely Marine CH-53 Helicopters flying East/Southeast out of the Jar I was back home with the kid when all of a sudden I heard yet again the distinct chop of another Military helicopter headed my way. This fly by was even lower. Just before sunset I ran out back with camera in hand and through the trees watched a UH-1 Huey flying almost directly east a few hundred feet above the tree line. I was unable to get the image because this one was so low that the trees blocked my view and so fast that it was out of sight before I could manage a shot.

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